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TMJ Specialist Vancouver| Getting relief from the painful temporomandibular jaw disorder

TMJ disorder or the temporo-mandibular joint disorder is a condition characterized by extreme pain and symptoms like headaches, clicking, popping, and a problem with the opening of the mouth.

There are various kinds of nonsurgical TMJ pain treatment choices that are also highly effective. Meeting with a reputable TMJ specialist in Vancouver can let patients get effective treatment and relief.

Methods used by TMJ dentists for relieving pain

Botox treatment for pain: Dysporia or Botulinum Toxin is not just meant for wrinkles. This injection that is traditionally used in cosmetic treatments is also highly effective for TMJ pain treatment.

When injected, Botox would naturally relax the muscle tissues that come in contact with it. Thus, any tensions or overdue stress in the muscles of the TMJ get relived. The results from a Botox pain treatment injection can last from 4 to 6 months. The treatment can be repeated as necessary.

For those who are struggling with headaches and migraines in the TMJ and its surrounding areas, the Botox injection can be the best option for a fast pain relief. It can also be combined with the other treatments like bite splint and braces.

Braces or orthodontic appliances: The fitting together of the upper and the lower teeth affects the function and the movement of the temporo-mandibular joint. When teeth are not aligned properly, The TMJ has abnormal movements for a full bite or chewing of the food.

A qualified and specialised dentist can evaluate and determine the best kind of TMJ pain treatment by aligning your bite with braces or orthodontic appliances.

TMJ disorder can be the result of years of chewing in an improper manner with a misaligned bite. The orthodontic treatment creates an alignment where the joint would function as it is meant to. This also preserves the natural tooth structure alongside the existing dental work that one has invested in.

Custom bite splint: Sometimes, TMJ disorder manifest due to the over clenching or grinding of teeth, a condition known as bruxism. The condition occurs when people are too stressed out during their sleep. Prominent masseter muscle and worn out facets of teeth are the apparent signs of bruxism.

In such scenarios, a custom-fitted bite splint is effective and renders protection from TMJ pain treatment. The small splints fit over the front teeth creating a buffer space that prevents from coming into full contact with each other. This prevents additional tooth wear and relieves muscle tension in TMJ.

You can find out more about the treatment of TMJ disorder by visiting a reputable TMJ specialist Vancouver at OSA Solutions.

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