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All you need to know about Home Sleep Apnea Test

The home sleep apnea test is designed to be a convenient way of collecting information about your sleep. The home sleep apnea test, you must try to follow as much as regular routine as possible. Apart from this, you should avoid napping and also eliminate the use of caffeine after lunch.

Those who are on regular medication should speak to a board-certified medical specialist. Moreover, a doctor can help in recommending you to temporarily discontinue using the medication. Prior to the sleep apnea test, one has to visit the doctor’s office for picking up the equipment. In another situation, you can also ask for assistance for getting the delivery of the home sleep apnea test equipment.

The members of the sleep apnea team would give you instructions on the use of the home sleep apnea test device. One can use this opportunity for asking questions on what you do not understand.

One can also go to sleep at the regular bedtime. On getting ready for going to sleep, you would need to attach the sensors to your body as per the instructions. You can keep a sleep log for pressing a button on the machine when you would get into the bed. On waking up in the morning, one can remove the sensors. The device should be taken back to the sleep centre or it can be returned through the mail.


The members of the sleep team are going to the core and interpret the information that gets collected through the home sleep apnea testing. It takes several days or weeks. On receiving your device and analysing the device, the physician would get in touch with you to discuss the result.

An additional in-lab sleep study

If your home sleep apnea test does not record enough amount of data for a physician making the diagnosis. Moreover, the sleep apnea test results would indicate whether one has an obstructive sleep apnea or any other kind of sleep disorder.

A board-certified obstructive sleep apnea helps you to discuss the various treatment options and also develop a plan for the same with you. In order to find out more about home sleep apnea test, you may visit OSA Solutions and get in touch with a qualified sleep doctor.

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